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It happened a few years ago and had some time to get over, I was a married man (but that's another story) somehow the local sauna in a mens night night teusday i was goin so used has not a bathing suit and I've found that having been released, so to speak. I have yet all the men who used the place and you never know anything about it yet, but I have the feeling that every gay or bi. anyway i one night at this age people just like me nown week, expose the bank remained starkers talk to him, and I have to sleep the next thing that was new, when I eporner awoke, I was playing with my dick ( I was scared to death ) ididn't whether eporner eporner hit or just lett it happen. Ijust lett also happens, that was the work of the best hand I've been told I was in trouble, but said that would happen if lett ii shot more juice than it had before been done. I got up and went Quickley. It took a long time to think alsorts Whent THRough my opinion, but I had to go back. and I do not know wheather it was just him or the heat of the sauna and he did, but I wanted more I wanted a blowjob haveing ​​never had one before (the wife thought it was descusting and hated by all sperm relaxed in the surrounding parts ), so I wnt back and not told until we were alone, and when I told him how I feltabout what happened, he said just relax and took my penis in her hand and plays with my balls as no one had done before I was in hevan run your fingers around my ass and almost shot my load on the spot, but I slowed and took me to the mouth. If God was good, the fact that we were alone and could be at any time, or the fact that it was my first blowjob at 36yrs of age, or because in the sauna, I do not know, but when I took it, buried the game and never had a fall. That was a eporner year ago, have chaged the sauna is mixed one. eporner I still want a man I suck and massage can play wmu is vague, but I'm not willing to play an equal, if anyone out there who have helped me with this please call me and we can see from there fanceys
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